Tuesday, November 27, 2007

White Night: Reading Section 3

Post A

Subtle (131)- elusive, hard to find/discover
Pantomimed (144)- gestures without speaking, using facial expressions.

An emerging theme that came out in this section was Guilt. Examples would be with Harry and his brother, the suspected murderer, and their conflict with the investigations.

Post B

Well as I said last section I would be giving you a little bit of information on the author of this book, Jim Butcher. A skilled martial artist for 15 years, that writes books and his most famous series is the Dresden Files. (I’m currently reading the ninth book of this series) Also he is a skilled horseback rider and lives in Missouri today. He loves writing about science fiction and fantasy ideas. Well last post I said I wasn’t trying to be a critique but now I’m beginning to like this book. Maybe it was the fact that I didn’t read enough to judge this book correctly, but anyways the book is getting interesting. It went from just a little action to a lot in just a few chapters, the storyline is strong and the plot is very unique. As Entertainment Weekly says “Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer starring Philip Marlowe.” All I can say is that this is a perfect description of the book as he is fighting mystical creatures such as vampires on his way to solving cases. Also the bibliography’s I read helped me understand his writing style. I learned his background and his style with jokes and science fiction intertwined in his book. Anyways if your expecting more critical and negative reviews by me on the book I doubt that will happen. It’s a good book and this section really changed my mind.

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