Sunday, November 18, 2007

White Night: Reading Section 1

Post A

Conflagration (page 17)- A big, burst of flames, uncontrolled fire.
Nascent (page 43)- Emergence, coming into existence.

A theme I believe that is emerging from the book is the ability to trust people. A small example came up when Harry's apprentice comes in a crime scene unexpectedly and ruins some of the evidence. This is clearly something that will be seen later in the book.

Post B

So far the book is not what I expected. I was expecting more action and less talking. They've been on this case and it seems like the whole story is on the case and there will be little to none action. From all the reviews I've read it seems like it should be a good book but so far I'm not seeing that. Anyways I do like this writer's style. Jim Butcher likes to keep things modern and I like it. Maybe the reason I don't like this book so far is because I haven't read the other eight books in this series yet. That'll probably give me an understanding of his background and the reason there is no action. I don’t want to sound like a critic, but there is so much I’d like to see improvements on. Fantasy books are usually not my thing but I wanted to try and mix things up this quarter for our outside reading project. Books like this are the kinds that remind me of why I don’t read fantasy books anymore. Even though I’m being negative about this book I don’t doubt Jim Butcher’s writing skills, I just prefer reading a different genre. Well I’m stuck with this book for this quarter, hopefully it’ll get better and I can actually enjoy the climax when it gets there. I’m probably just being a little negative with this book and it’ll probably be a good book to read in the end.

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