Sunday, October 21, 2007

Reading Section 4: Into Thin Air Part 2


Krakauer and his team begins to have troubles climbing the Lohtse Face. He starts to think of his team more as equals now that he realizes that they are having problems too. He then begins to feel a little guilty for climbing Everest as a journalist. Krakauer's team begins to have some health problems. Harris has a near death experience as he is hit with a boulder and it frightens everybody. But then Chen Nu-Yan falls from the Lohtse Face and survives but hours after it happened, he suddenly collapses and dies. His team begins ascending very quickly but people are very distant from each other. They don't really feel connected and they would have to change that to make it to the top. Ropes being secured is starting to become a problem, and it could affect them later on. Krakauer finally reaches the summit of the mountain but realizes that his journey downwards will be very hard.

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