Monday, October 8, 2007

Reading Section 3: Into Thin Air

Week 3, Part 1

Krakauer begins talking about climbers who had very little experience attempt to climb mount Everest. He refers to most of them as "dreamers." Luck is very important to climbing Everest. Krakauer, for the first time, experiences real death on Everest instead of hearing stories about deaths. Two people die while attempting Everest which makes the presence of death very real to him. Krakauer then talks about how fast the media figures out about things on Everest such as these deaths. Everyone on the mountain had some other reason besides just wanting to reach the summit. HIs team of climbers starts getting frostbite and experience bad weather. The team begins fighting with each other and causes lack of cooperation. He then talks about the Sherpas' customs and rituals which foreshadow the events to come.


Jon Krakauer was born on April 12, 1954. He was raised in Corvallis, Oregon. He went on to get his degree in Environmental Studies in Hampshire College. Married Linda Moore in 1980. He was a writer for Outside magazine where he published many articles for them. IN 1983, he became a full time writer. He had always shown his love for mountain climbing in lots of his articles. In 1996, he successfully ascended Everest, but on his descent his expedition suffered many deaths in a horrible storm. Four out of his five teammates died in that storm. He published his first book in 1996, Into The Wild. He continued to write, Into Thin Air, his most famous book about the tragedies that occurred on his Everest climb. He wrote one other non-fiction book, Under The Banner of Heaven, in 2003.

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