Monday, October 8, 2007

Reading Section 3: Into Thin Air Part 2

Week 3, Part 2

So far I think the book is very intriguing. The book is very descriptive and tells the story well. It builds up a lot of suspense and the foreshadowing is great. Some weaknesses of this book though are that it seems that he writes about things that don't relate to the story that much. They are little anecdotes that have little meaning and kind of stray away from the book's main topic. This book really brought up the awareness of death in my eyes. Death can happen anywhere and anyplace. It happens to some unexpected people and some people can also see it coming. The on thing about death is there is always a chance it could happen. The book brings up many topics about the people's characters. Character and personality are very important with trust. Trusting someone can determine your safety. I think that many people are going to end up dying in this book. There is a lot of activity and conflicts between his teammates. So far i really enjoy this book. It's very suspenseful and sad at times too.

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