Monday, January 14, 2008

White Night: Reading Section 7

Post A

Resilient (372)- rebounding like elastic
Sigil (395)- a magical sign

"I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing, and it felt good." (404) I feel that this quote is a great ending quote. Although it doesn't really seem like a great ending it will start up another book in this series.

Post B

Ah… a good ending to a book. This is a great book and anyone reading my blog I think should read this book too. It’s full of suspense and action. You might think it’s boring at first but it’s just because you wouldn’t have read enough to know how great the book is. I’d encourage anyone to read this and his other series. I’m starting to read this series from the beginning with the first book in this series. Well clearly Jim Butcher is one of the best author’s I’ve read in a long time. As I’ve said in my past post this book has really opened my eyes to new genres of books, this is just the start to reading these unusual and mystical books. Well the quote in Post A of this section doesn’t have great meaning yet it really shows two things that I believe are important. The two things are: more human characteristics, and also a great way to allow a transition to a new book in this series. Well this is it for my postings on this book. I’d recommend borrowing or buying this book from a store or library, it’s great. I hope you find my postings useful to look at this book and get it.

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